Canterbury deafblind network

Canterbury Contact(s)

David Wilson

021 61 9889

Djwwilson1 at gmail dot com

Thursday, 25 October – Monthly Meeting

Our next meeting is at 1pm in the meeting room at Blind Foundation, 96 Bristol Street, Christchurch. Those needing transport, please ring Petronella by Monday 22 October.

On the agenda:

  • Arranging the Xmas party November
  • Update on the Blind Foundation’s planning for next year’s outings
  • A group survey

Looking forward to see you there!

Thursday, 27 September – Multi-sensory Experience

This Thursday the Canterbury Deafblind support group will be attending the multi-sensory touch and smell environment at the Pioneer Recreation and Sports Centre. We plan to meet at 1pm and have a get-together coffee and catch-up. On the agenda will be the Christmas party to be held in November. We hold the party in November because December is far too busy for everyone to attend. Hope to see you all this Thursday. Of course, our good friends and interpreters will be there to make our connections.

Thursday, 24 May -Monthly Meeting

The next monthly meeting is Thursday, May 24, 1pm at the offices of the BLIND FOUNDATION, 96 BRISTOL STREET, CHRISTCHURCH . We have  a presentation by Michael Begg from community energy action Charity Trust to talk to us on his role regarding energy advice and education . This includes information about curtain bank insulation , community project management earthquake help ,and energy efficiency products in homes . We’re all curious to know what “curtain bank insulation” is!


Friday, 1 May – Update

On 24 May the Canterbury DeafBlind Supporters Group met at the Blind Foundation and had a very interesting talk from Michael Begg, from the Community Energy Action Group which is a 25year old charity.  Last year the group assisted over 900 homes improve their energy efficiency.  Their main efforts are providing a curtains from donations and assisting with power pricing, both indifferent companies and in suitable plans for each family.

The second advice given is regarding house warmth which is a 3 step programme.  Firstly insulation where old systems should be checked, and where Government is bringing in new laws next June.  The second step is ventilation and Michael gave much information on the science of airing houses and the value of different heating systems, which is the third step in everyone living in the best healthy environment.

Members asked many questions and this talk was very much appreciated.  Discussions continued after the speaker left, and over afternoon tea.